Bingo: A Great Way to Exercise Your Brain

Our brain, like the muscles in our body, deteriorates once brain activity deteriorates and this usually happens as we age. This is why doctors have always advised us to keep our brains active by reading, doing crossword puzzles, taking up a new hobby, or listening to classical music, because these activities stimulate our brains and keeps our brains from going into neutral, something that happens when we stare off into space or spend time watching too much TV.

A great way to stimulate the brain is to play bingo. You hear it right, BINGO. Bingo is no longer the game of retirement home geriatrics. Bingo is now being studied for its mind enriching abilities and more and more people are experiencing the benefits of regularly playing the game, old and young alike.

What is it about bingo that may help us preserve and improve our mental skills for longer?

Bingo is a game where concentration and alertness come into play. The more you concentrate the more your ability to do so improves and this is a good thing especially for younger people. Good concentration skills are useful when it comes to studying or creative thinking and for focusing on complex concepts.

Bingo also exercises your memory retention and mental speed. You exercise your memory as you remember the numbers being called out by the caller. Keeping track of more than one bingo cards during a single game is also a good way to practice how your brain compartmentalizes and arranges tasks.

And lets not forget the coordination between your mind and your body. To be able to get your hands on that jackpot you need to have a quick reaction time, since you have to shout "BINGO' out right after you make sure that you all your numbers correct and your pattern are lined out. And speaking of patterns, bingo also helps your mind get used to identifying patterns when you look for horizontal, vertical, or diagonal lines to form your BINGO.

Finally, playing bingo can get your mind off less pleasant things, like the bills or your boss, and simply allows you to enjoys a pleasant time with your friends. Bingo is a great way to distract yourself and relieve yourself of stress, which is very good for your immune system. Bingo is also a fun excuse to get out of the house and meet new friends, or simply share a fun time with old ones. Spending a wonderful game of bingo with the people you love is definitely more rewarding than any amount of jackpot that any game can give.