Bingo History: Keno to Beano to Bingo

Bingo has been a favorite game of many people. It is simple yet provides thrills that can surpass those of other amusement games. Let's take a look at bingo history as it unfolded through the years.

Lots of people know that it all started in America with a card game where red beans were used to mark called numbers on the card. It was the past time of itinerant circus performers and was popularly called "beano." Then bingo history changed a bit sometime in the late 1900s. Lottery was rigidly banned in the US and bingo, due to its simplicity, was among the few games that were permitted by the government. Thus, the lottery game keno disguised for a while as bingo and bingo also came to be known as keno.

But then the lottery nature of keno could not be masked any further and bingo retained its right of being the sole card game rightly called "bingo." But bingo history really goes way back the early 1500s when it started in Italy where it was derived from a lottery game called "Lotto" which means "destiny." Believev it or not, it was first used to choose national leaders to ensure that corruption was not used in elections. Bingo history travelled across Europe and landed on the shores of France where people called it Le Lotto. The French started using tokens and called numbers to mark on cards.

Early bingo history in Europe found small wooden chips with etched numbers drawn at random from bags and called out by a caller. The goal was to cover all squares on the card. The use of free squares was also already evident then. Then, according to bingo history, the game finally reached American soil in the 1920s. Cards were stamped with numbers using rubber stamps. The win battle cry then was "Beano!" when a card reflected a completion.

It was Edward Lowe who introduced the modern cry "Bingo!" in the 1930s; same time he started issuing out bingo license. It worked as some kind of a franchise renewable each year for a dollar. Bingo history saw the game widespread across the US and Canada by the 1940s. Thousands of bingo games were held regularly in special bingo venues participated in by big crowds.

Bingo history has come a long way and the game has since been making winners of multitudes from around the world. Bingo allows for the easiest gambling win ever and may go down in history as the queen of gambling games.