Common Bingo Superstitions

Usually in a game of bingo some players seems to win most of the time and others are not that lucky to even win once. There are no explanations or equations that can explain it; it may be just dumb luck that makes a person wins for all of us know that bingo is known to be a game of chance. But certainly there are some lucky beliefs that a player may use to increase his chance of winning. Listed below are some superstitions that some players use to increase their luck.

Lucky charms. Most people actually three out of four bring a lucky charm with them even if they will not admit it. Some students also believed that they get better results in an examination if they wear a certain sock, uses a particular lucky pen or wearing a particular color of underwear. In bingo, by the look of all the mess in the table you would believe that there is an unwritten rule that all lucky charms must be visible in the entire game. You might not guess what deems lucky to a certain player but almost all things that they believe lucky are in the table. There are some lucky troll doll, four-leaf clover key chains, gemstones, rabbit's feet and many more scattered in the table.

Lucky seat. Some bingo players have a favorite chair that they always choose to sit when they play in a particular bingo hall. Perhaps they already had won while sitting on that particular chair that's why they believe that it is lucky. If you're a first timer on that bingo hall and has already seated don't be surprised if suddenly you are tapped on the shoulder because you happen to sit on a lucky chair of a regular player who is seated on that chair every Saturday evening for the past few years. It is best that you gracefully leave that chair and look for your own. No one could prove if there is truly a lucky seat but one thing is sure, players who are seated in their lucky chairs feel more comfortable and can concentrate more in their game. They feel comfortable knowing they will not worry about bad karma and can concentrate and relax better.

Lucky coins. There are some players who believe that lucky coins will give them good luck while being displayed in a particular pattern on top of their bingo cards. But there are also others who believe that leaving a coin on top of their cards will bring them bad luck that's why they tend to keep it instead of displaying it.

Each of bingo players have some sort of beliefs and superstitions that they follow. No one can be certain if it really would work and bring them luck but for sure they feel comfortable knowing that they have certain luck with them to help them win in the bingo game.