The Fundamentals of UK Bingo

The 90-Ball Bingo is also known as the UK Bingo because this game is very popular within United Kingdom and is now also gaining popularity worldwide. In order for you to learn how to play UK Bingo, you need to learn first the basics of the game.

The cards or tickets for the UK Bingo do consist of 15 numbers. These numbers are spread randomly all over the 27 boxes printed on the card. The boxes on the UK Bingo cards are arranged in three rows and nine columns. Each row of the card has five numbers that are placed randomly in the squares.

The 15 numbers of the UK Bingo cards are randomly selected and arranged on the cards from one up to 90. The first column of the UK Bingo card shows randomly selected numbers from 1-9. The second column contains randomly selected numbers from 10-19. The third column contains randomly selected numbers from 20-29, and so forth until to the ninth column, which contains randomly selected numbers from 80-90.

You may have noticed that the first column only has nine possible numbers, the second column through the eighth column has ten possible numbers, and the ninth column has 11 possible numbers. These numbers are always chosen randomly through the entire game of UK Bingo. The results are called out individually and are also displayed on the corresponding screen.

Each player of the UK Bingo will always receive a game ticket that is usually composed of six cards. The UK Bingo cards consist of three rows with five numbers on each row and four empty squares. As each resulting drawn out bingo ball is called out, UK Bingo players will daub the tickets at hand. In instances that a single row of the UK Bingo card is fully marked, then you need to yell Bingo!

But that is not all there is for UK Bingo because it is just a one line win. You need to continue to play until there are already two rows that are fully marked on the card. And when this happens, you can again yell Bingo!

The game of UK Bingo is still not done during this time because that was only the second line win. You can still continue to play UK Bingo to be eligible for the big prize of the game when you accomplished the Full House Bingo. A Full House in UK Bingo means that all the 15 numbers on the card are marked during the game. When this happens, this may be the very right time to yell out loud the word Bingo!